Clementine-Chapter 2

Ph 2:20

The Alpha Space Station was a dump piled on top of another dump. A rotating junk heap in space that smelt as bad as it looked. As they pulled into dock their ship, she got from her chair, picking up her discarded jacket on the way out. “Rico head on down to the hanger to see what we have to drop off,” she asked with a smile. Rico nodded, heading to the right towards the hanger. She continued to her left to where the ship lounge was located. Zed was laying on his back with a dirty magazine in full display. He was splayed across the largest couch that hugged the furthest wall in the room so he could see the kitchen and the hall from the cockpit at all times.

She knocked against the wall with her metal fingers loud enough for him to hear her “Oi Zed, we’re here so pop on over to Moxies for me will you?” Zed grunted as he licked his thumb and flipped to the next page of his magazine.

“I’ll get off when you do, Capn” he said not breaking eye contact with his magazine, absentminded scratching one foot with the other.

“That’s all I ask,” she said wryly “just don’t wait till the last second we don’t wanna have to be worrying about pirates trying to rob us again.”

Zed grunted “don’t need to be tellin me twice.” Vahn looked annoyed by his refusal to take his own time with repair but refrained from nagging him again. She made her way to the hanger, the tiny elevator was broken again,

Vahn was holding an old plastic clip board that was front and back loaded with papers “Dancy will be expecting this package to be hand delivered,” she wrote down time, date, and place of delivery “because he’s so goddamn special.”

“You friends?” Rico asked as he picked up the large metal crate with zero effort. She nodded, pulling back her hair from her face with her normal hand. “A couple years now… don’t worry, I’ll make sure he leaves you alone” she gave Rico a playful wink.

As the two of them made their way off of the ship a large woman with tattoos on each arm and a large black towering hair style stopped in front of them. “Well, if it isn’t my favorite customer,” she said with a deep hardy voice of a comforting mother, she paused briefly to look at Rico “and a new crew member to your band nice to meet you, I’m Moxie.” Rico shifted the package briefly to shake her hand which was a powerful up and down motion that nearly sent Rico toppling over.

“Nice to see you too Moxie,” Vahn looked over her shoulder expecting someone to be their “did Zed call you already.” Moxie smiled showing her large white teeth framed by the lavender lips stick she always wore.

“Glaive Beam again?” She asked Vahn nodded with a ‘can you believe it’ look on her face “well, that’s what you get for having those so called military grade tech asshole installing your weaponry” Moxie smiled, she knew as well as every other pilot that flew a ship worth a damn that Moxie was the goddess of anything mechanical. Beneath that small portly body beats the heart of a real machine.

“I won’t make that mistake again…” Vahn said dejected her gaze fading out as she turned down the dock to the exit station “well me and Rico have to take care of a delivery, Zed and Mobi are inside.” Vahn pointed with her metal thumb over her left shoulder.

“There is one thing” Moxie said making Vahn stop in her tracks “some guy was asking about you earlier.”

“What guy?” Rico asked on edge with a latent hint of jealously that went unnoticed by Vahn but not Moxie.

“Sorry,” she ruffled her hair with a tiny hand “I was working on some machinery at the time so I didn’t see his face and he didn’t offer up a name.”

“What did he ask about?” Vahn asked interested in the stranger looking for her.

“Oh,” Moxie paused, bringing her tiny hand up to her head in a motion as if she was protecting the sun from her eyes as she looked over the landscape “when’s the last time you’d been to Alpha. If I had a way to contact you, but I told him you’re a regular, so you’d pop up sometime soon.” Vahn nodded a thank you while deep in thought. Chalking this person up to probably just another run of the mill rookie merchant looking for someone to deliver illegal merchandise for him.

Zed popped out from the ship with a wide grin on his face “hello Moxie you look just lovely” Vahn and Rico parted as Moxie pushed past them. “Oh Zed you flatter me” she laughed her hand covering her mouth. Vahn made a pinched face nudging Rico forward “Come on lets go.”

They made their way to the dock exit they stood amongst a vast amount of men and woman some human and other alien races alike. If took a long time for Vahn and Rico to reach their destination a small side room behind a popular weapons shop. As they moved to the hallway a thin waif of a man stood at an impasse from the door to the center of the room Vahn wanted to head to. He barley paid attention to her and Rico till she was upon him shoulders squared and a mean look on her face. “Trying to be an asshole Dancy or have you taken up a new hobby of hallway monitor?” She called over the man rolled his eyes at her forcing away a smile that was bubbling to the surface.

“You know I’m your asshole,” he called from behind his bodyguard as he motioned for him to move from Rico and Vahn’s path. He smiled tilting his head back to look at her and Rico. Dancy was a man that often aroused fear in those he called upon, except Vahn who knew him too well in and out of bed and considered it all male posturing. His gray eyes and smile dimmed slightly at the sight of Rico holds the box that was no doubt for him “so when did you pick up a robot?” Dancy took a step towards Rico as he looked over him with intense scrutiny, admiring the craftsman ship of his robotics.

“Cyborg” Rico corrected. Dancy clicked his tongue and he sucked in his breath “Shit man full body reconstruction,” Rico frowned “tough break.”

Vahn pushed Dancy back as she stepped in-between them “Dancy, I didn’t come here to talk about my new crew member” she said in a warning tone telling him to back off.

He nodded slumping his shoulders sadly. “Right, Right down to business as usual.” He gestured to the box motioning for Rico to place it in the center of the room. Dancy guards moved to break open the crate, they pulled out different mean looking weapons and several boxes of ammo. “Looks like everything is here” one of his men commented as everything was placed back.

Dancy smiled “As reliable as ever Vahn,” he pulled out a handheld typing in a few numbers “here is you pay just as promised, with a little extra throw in” he winked at her causing Rico to roll his eyes in disgust. Vahn smiled politely checking to make sure that he actually payed this time and he did so she was happy to leave “Thanks Dancy just message me if you need another delivery.” Dancy made a face as she turned to leave, stopping her with a loud cough.

“Before you go Vahn you should know that there was some shady looking guy asking around about you” Dancy said as he pulled up a hologram projector from his pocket. The man on the projection was ghostly pale, dressed in black and white with milky slicked-back hair.

Vahn frowned deeply with a disgusted look on her face, catching the attention of Dancy and Rico. “When was he here?” she asked. Dancy flicked his finger down, then up pulling up the time stamp. It told her that he was here less than an hour ago “Thanks Dancy, I’m getting the fuck out of here and so should you,” she started to move quickly to the door Rico trailing confused behind her. “Who is this Vahn?!” He yelled after her trailing behind.

“Bad fucking news for everyone,” she said with a slight head turn. Vahn pulled out her comm link calling the ship “it’s the Captain get the ship ready to go, we have to get out off of this station now” she closed the comm before Zed could respond.

“Vahn what is going on your freaking me out?!” Rico asked pleading his robotic voice quaking and jittering as he followed close to her right.

As the two of them were about to enter the ship a blaster went off forcing the two of them to stop in their tracks. Several other people drove down around them at the sound of the shot ricocheting off of a metal surface. Vahn looked to where the shot came from and Rico looked to where the shot it. The shot had nearly missed Rico’s head by a half an inch. Across from them was a man in white standing perfectly still, his eerie blue eyes like searchlights emphasized by the black sclera of his eyes

Rico grabbed for Vahn who stood motionless frozen is a quiet horror Rico’s voice couldn’t shatter. He pushed her head behind him as the stranger shot again. Hitting Rico in his shoulder he cringed as the metal from the bullet pierced his shoulder.

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