Clementine-Chapter 4 p.1

*Sorry for the late update and short chapter. New school semester is happening. Also was stuck on how to do the beginning of the chapter.

Enemies in Love

Vahn along with Straker were placed in a cell. She was standing up against the bars trying to get John to talk to her. There was a rickety bench between the both of them. John believed her she hopped but you can never know what exactly is going on with a known smuggler.

“Damnit it John at least don’t leave me in a cell with this son of a bitch.” She swore hitting the bar with her fist.

“We don’t have the space Vahn. And I shouldn’t worry too much if he wanted you dead he could have finished you off already.” John commented over his shoulder and he sat at a table in an adjoining room.

Vahn turned to look at Straker who stood with his hands behind his back and his unblinking eyes looking at her. “Stay on your side of the cell Straker.” She says as she moved the closes wall.

“Language.” He said with a fatherly tut.

“What?” She hissed.

“Don’t use foul language. It is not lady like.” He said with a pinched tone that sounded like a disappointed father.

“Oh really. Fuck. Fuck. Shit. Asshole. Bastard.” She yelled.

“Vahn. Cut that shit out. Or would you prefer the airlock? Because. That can be arranged.” John yelled annoyed. She gave John the finger which caused Straker to frown deeply at her.

“It would be better if you would stop hindering me in my mission.” Straker said. John made a dismissive grunt to him that made Vahn smile smugly.

“Just cuz mom and dad made you look more human doesn’t mean that see you any more than a machine.”

“I see you prefer lesser models.”

“Rico was human. Unlike you.”

“I see. You sympathize with him.” Straker noted as if he was studying her.

A loud siren broke the silence of the standoff. Every human blanched looking at each other. John pulled out his communicator. “Don’t tell me it’s the Mors?!”

The radio let out a hiss as a voice responded. “Isn’t it fucking great and Loris is fuckin sloshed at the moment so he can’t pilot the ARM” the voice on the other side was of a panicking woman running to and fro trying to get everything to work to stop the Mors.

“Fuck,” John cursed the color drained from his face.

The woman on the communicator “I have contacted the Military Legion. But they won’t make it in time” she said sounding hopeless.

“What type of ARM do you have?” Vahn asked having regained her footing. John looked dumbstruck so one of his men who was sitting in the room along with him spoke up “7700 series DDR2.”

She frowned slightly “Jesus. How do you expect to protect this space station with such an old ARM?” She took a step towards them starring them down through the bars of the cell. “So where is it?”

“Where is it? Why in the hell would that matter to you?” John questioned.

“I can fly it.” She said urgently seeing her chance for escape from this cell.

“Not like we have many options.” The other man said. John walked towards the cell unlocking it. “You stay.” John pointed at Straker who look unamused.

“I have a ship. That can fight.” Straker said.

“Fuck’n fine. But when this is over both of you are going back in the cell.” John pulled the door open letting the two of them out. Vahn made sure to give a wide birth of Straker while they stood in the hall. When they moved quickly out of the room Vahn saw Rico who was sitting panicking across from the door. “Come Rico. I’ll need your help.” Vahn said as the group was leading her to where the ARM hanger was.

They all ran towards the hanger. Straker followed as well, impassively looking at all of them. The ARM hanger was cramped, rundown with parts strewn about. The ARM itself nearly scraped the ceiling of the hanger. It was aged with faded paint and deep gashes in its limbs. It was bipedal with a faintly human composition to its stance. The paint had work off years ago and there was graffiti along the feet and legs.

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