Clementine-Chapter 4 p.2


Vahn sat in the seat of the ARM to see that she couldn’t possibly fit in there if she tried she’d would be choking on her knees. “Well shit…” she commented. She gestured to Rico who stood still unsure of what he could possibly do “Rico. Come here I’ll need your help.” Rico ran to her side as she got up from the ARM. She grabbed his shoulder with her good hand as she removed her pants handing them off to Rico. She was standing there in her underwear, with two metal limbs, where flesh legs would be.

Straker look horrified along with the John and his men. She sat back in the seat of the ARM. She searched through the ARM till she found what she was looking for a strange metal shaped device. She quickly inserted it into her leg with a violent twist her leg detached and Rico caught it. She did the same to the other leg. She placed the lever back in the ARM in a place hidden and out of sight. Vahn looked up to the group of men standing gob struck around her. Vahn frowned not particularly pleased with her life being side show attraction.

“What the hell are you guys still doing here?” She groused at them. The group of men sputtered embarrassingly and quickly left allowing the mechanic to come up to Vahn. She was covered in grease and was breathing heavy. “Everything is ready I will start the launch sequence once the lift moves” said the mechanic.  Vahn nodded thinking momentarily before asking the mechanic “how much running power does this old ARM have?”

The mechanic paused thinking “Anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. At least.” Vahn clicked her tongue nodding her head for the mechanic to begin. There was a deadly silence that came over everyone who was still left within that hanger, till Straker spoke up. “I will proceed back to my ship to provide cover fire” he said as he turned away. Leaving before anyone could respond, but under her breath, she muttered. “Just don’t shoot me…idiot.” Her eyes followed him till he disappeared from view noting faintly in the back of her mind how disheveled his hair looked.

Vahn strapped herself into the archaic metal death trap that was a pilot seat. The oxygen mask that she was provided was not brand new but made her feel at ease. Pulling it over her face securely and tugging on the straps till it was snug and in place.

Vahn pulled out a metal chip from around her neck that was previously tucked against her bra. It was half and inch thick with 20, 10 cm pins along its bottom. It was gold with black strips that had faded around the pins. It took her a second to find where the slot for it was ‘I’m surprised they didn’t remove this’ she thought as she flipped it open. She slid the chip into place closed the latch and turned the untouched knob. The machine started to whirr for her as the front of the ARM had a holographic gold decal appear on the chest that read, AA071.

The appearance of the letters and numbers startled Rico who was standing far away from the ARM. “What was that?” Rico asked still clutching Vahn’s legs as he followed behind the female mechanic. She paused momentarily searching through her mind for the answers. “I’d heard rumors that military ARMs pilots were given special call sign chips,” she said thinking as she prepared the ARM to be released, her thumb hovered over the button “but to think fuckin Vahn was one. Crazy.”

Vahn smiled as the door to the ARM finally closed leaving her in a cramped claustrophobic closet of a space. “Home sweet, home.” She mused to herself.


The launch into space was ruff. She was sure that the ARM would fall to pieces before she even left the hanger. Luckily she didn’t.

There were 2 Mors ships along with 3 combat ready ARMs leading the way and here Vahn was alone with a mad android fighting alongside her. “Could my lucky be even more shit right now…” she grunted out frustrated. She felt around for her weapon systems which were located along her feet as pedals.

As they boosted closer to the station she readied herself “I’m going to fucking ruin you” she said with a feral smile forming on her face. Euphoria is the only word that came to mind as she entered battle. When she was in an ARM that feeling of maddening bliss and ecstasy that she could never feel in bed with a man.

As she closed in she could see hesitation in the movement of the ships. A Mors space cruiser would have blown by her already but they held back creating a line as the ARM charged forward. She pulled put the mounted rifle from the back of her ARM, charging it as the enemy approached. She guided the enemy ARM is a dance that flowed in her favor. A one on one ARM fight was a normal thing for her, when facing Mors who preferred to one-on-one battles whenever possible.

When the 1st Mors ARM fell after falling for her trap using Straker’s presence as a distraction. He didn’t even need to fire a shot. The 2nd Mors ARM was way more aggressive then the first Vahn was forced to drop her weapon and use a blade that was located in sections along the legs. The enemy sliced the arm off of her ARM, she cursed quickly making sure that there wasn’t a sever breach that could harm her. “Stay back. Straker. Trying to help me will only make the 3rd ARM attack.” She said coolly noticing his change in positon as her arm floated useless through space.

She focused back to her enemy who was pulling back along with the other ships. “What?” She said out loud confused beyond belief. Just then the power in the ARM hit critical and was getting flashing warnings of her power finally draining. She sat back, racking her brain for whatever this could mean.

Something was off…The Mors had left way to soon Vahn knew they had so much more man power that they could have just over whelmed her and pushed her back to the station. So why stop after losing only one of their own ARMs?

The only power that was left in the ARM was which gave her the little oxygen that she needed. Floating out in space with Straker flying around her. She clenched her left hand into a fist and winced. Her prosthetic hand ached even though countless checks by doctors and by herself had showed nothing wrong with it. She was assured that it was phantom pain, crossed signals in her brain that still registered her flesh and blood arm even though it was long gone, rotting or floating in deep space. A panic set in as her missing feet started to tingle like an unwanted friend who has come home.

“Vahn…” Straker was speaking to her “I released a cable so I can take you back. Have the ARM take hold of it.” She laughed to herself, he sounded so distant like he was not just slamming her face into her own ship not just half an hour ago. With the little power she had left she did what was asked of her. The ARM was dragged behind the ship like a lifeless doll or a deflated balloon.

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