The Soldier and The Sniper -Ch3

Good morning, my little heartache

Home, to finally be back was something they would never imagined to see again. This is what both GŸnther and Virgil felt. But for GŸnther it was a bitter sweet pill the farm house was gone and many of the animals were dead. Everything felt empty like the life blood of the most beautiful memories had been ringed dry.

“Lois…” GŸnther said catching her attention. She turned to him with a stiff sad stance. She looked through him as soon as she saw her husband was nowhere to be found. Her face was sunken and her frame was thin her cloths hanging off of her as if she was a fence.

“Helmuth, ist er tot?” She asked with a deeply sad tone. Already knowing her husband was dead and now she is a young widow, at least she did not have to deal with the burned of having a child. That’s what GŸnther tells himself trying to find some solace for her.

“Ja” GŸnther said with a dry bobbing of his Adam’s apple as he swallowed back his tears.

Suddenly his pack felt too heavy and he needed to drop if but he held on tight enough for his knuckles to whiten from the strain. He shook his head as he walked back to where his bed was. The house was bare several trinkets that were family heirlooms were gone along with Helmuths favorite snuff box. It was a thing the two of them shared and would pass between each other while they tilled the fields late into the night.

Brauche Hilfe?” GŸnther asked as he approached Lois from her right side. It wasn’t right for him to fall apart on her when she needed his help. She was bent over a large bed of vegetable that seemed to have survived whatever ordeal that had ravaged the rest of the farm.

She pointed towards the wood stump that had an axe embedded in it “Holz hacken” she said.


The bus dropped Virgil off at the corner that lead to his childhood home. Virgil was chest fallen from his experience as he got off the plane of the Birmingham–Shuttlesworth Airport. He had expected his family to be waiting for him on the tarmac. He felt and probably looked like an unwanted and forgotten child as he walked past all of the family’s welcoming home their sons.

As he walked to his home he felt unease as everything felt strangely the same like the war had never even happened. Well really nothing had changed no bomb were dropped on his street and no German or Japs were matching down the boulevard.

Virgil came up to the front door of his house with a strong balled-up fist pounded on the door. When it opening with a careless swing that would cause it to bounce off the wall and make his dad red in the face. Virgil was happy to see his family once more his brother and sister were beside themselves with a sickening worry of never seeing their big brother again. His father stood stiffly in front of him his face drawn into a frown as he evaluated his son. Virgil placed his large suitcase to his feet and looked back up to his old man. Wondering to himself if the war changed his son as much as it did to him after the Great War. The protracted silence between the two is broken by his wife running past him and hugging her son with happy tears in her eyes.

“It’s good to see you too mah” Virgil said with a laugh. She was lost for words holding him tighter as if that would help them spill out only thing that did come out were. “I made dinner” she said pulling back whipping the tears from her eyes.

“I say, that sounds great” Virgil agreed. Dinner smelled delicious a familiar comfort that gave him the feeling that, yes I was home again. His parents went back inside and his two sibling were now alone with him but still within earshot of their parents.

His sister, Edith came upon his right looking more dolled up then he had ever seen her “So what was it like did you go to Paris?” She asked.

“I say Edith, it seems like you want a souvenir more than a welcome home hug from your big brother.” He said with a laugh, she pouted.

“I don’t need you giving me things Virgil, I got’s a job now” she grinned proudly bobbing her head in a prideful manner.

“I say, good for you but I think dad aint to happy about that.” Edith frowned at him as he took a fire to her happiness.

His younger brother chimed in with a wicked smiled “keep on talking like that Virgil and she’ll light your clothes on fire again.”

The three of them crossed the threshold into the house Virgil noticed that the house had changed from when he was last home. There was a new carpet and a beautiful varnished table that dad had been working on before the war began. On the mantel he saw a photo of him in his uniform glasses discarded to avoid the glare of the flash. Virgil felt wrong looking at that photo as if he was looking at an impostor because that is not who is he is now. He’s not that bright eyes kid who thought he had his whole life ahead of himself. Now he just feels lost like something was missing like he was, broken.


The table was being set by his dad who lazily touched each utensil making sure that every one of them was accounted for. Mother soon called that dinner was ready, she walked into the dining room with a crock pot and a large spoon bobbing from the pots depths. She placed the heavy pot on the table then quickly left for the kitchen to discard her mittens.

“So son, what will you do now that you are back” his father asked as he cut at the piece of steak that floated to the top of the stew.

“Well I was planning on seeing if Mr. Oliver will give me my job back,” Virgil said as he eyed his sibling who were feigning disinterest. “If he cant then I can always work at This did not go unnoticed by Virgil’s father who knew the burning questions they wanted to lob at their older brother and he would not have any of it.

“That’s good,” he father says looking at Virgil “Mr. Oliver has been wondering when you would get back along with Julia.” Virgil blanched at the thought of his former girlfriend, Julia Oliver.

“Right, Julia. I was thinking that she would be better off when another guy who can handle her” Virgil offered up innocently. His father frowned but said nothing. He’s only in his twenties he’ll find another girl soon. His father thought.

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