The Soldier and The Sniper -Ch4

The nights were painful to GŸnther the silence lacked the distractions that he needed. All these painful memories and now the reality that followed being here his friend’s widow, this place, this farm, and this house they once held happy memories that now just remind both of them of what they were missing. GŸnther looks to Lois who may seem frail but is still strong and holding herself together better then he would have thought.

He has the painfully burning urge to embrace Lois. To find comfort in another in a warm body but he knows that to her he was just a reminder of who she had lost.

He felt uneasy trapped even so he forced himself to go out into the night. A pub would be the best place for him to go late at night, so he did. He quietly strolled through the silence village no lights in sight only the stars lit his way till he got to the pub. He stopped outside to peer into the window, from there he could see old acquaintances huddled at different tables their eyes forlorn and casted down at their drinks. GŸnther entered the pub and ordered himself a large mug of a honey tasting alcohol that made him smile despite himself.

GŸnther sat at one of the table of a group of men he knew who he had worked with before the war on the farm. He inquired upon their melancholy a few let out sickening sighs that sounded like the cries of a dying man.

“Auschwitz” One said GŸnther blinked rapidly. They told GŸnther that they had seen Auschwitz an American general had brought the whole of the village down to the horrible concentration camp that was several miles from the village. GŸnther did not know what they meant and when they told him he felt sick. It was just a rumor that was spread among the soldiers as a way of scaring you like Krampus nothing more. A ghost story.


Virgil went to his former place of employment his boss Mr. Oliver was looking off to his right his eyes transfixed on the horizon. A glass of ice cold tea between his hands. “I say, Mr. Oliver why do you look so content” Virgil said with a laugh.

Mr. Oliver spun in his chair to look at Virgil, part of him never expecting to see him ever again. “You’re looking good Virgil” Mr. Oliver said. He stood up from his large oak desk and reached out to give Virgil a handshake that hurt as much as when he first started to work here before the war. Mr. Oliver looked no different since the last time they had seen each other he still was short and partially balding but with a full moustache that hid his upper lip and thin glasses.

“Thank you sir,” Virgil said with a cordial smile “I’m sorry about ending my relationship with Julia I was just concerned about her having to wait for a man who may never come home.” Virgil said with a frantic panic.

“It is fine Virgil, Julia has met another man he’s a lawyer.” It sounded like a backhanded compliment but Virgil wasn’t so sure.

“I say, good for her.” Virgil said with a nod.

“I will have a position open for you” he adjusted his glasses as he looked down at his accounting books. “Martins wife was taking up your position while you were away. Come back on the Monday of next week and I’ll but you straight to work.” Martin’s wife, Willow she was a beautiful woman that could make any man’s knees weak. But she was also strange, too strange for a woman. There were always rumors flying about. Virgil paused in confusion because for some reason he couldn’t remember any of the rumors he heard. Nothing. Just a blank were memories once were. Soon Virgil realized that he had been silent for a bit too long.

“That’s great I hope I’m not putting you out.” Virgil asked unsure.

“Please no it such a pain having a woman working for me.” He rolled his eyes they looked like a fish sticking its head out of a fishbowl as his eyes bobbed over the rim of his glasses.

“Of course,” Virgil said with a smile nod and laugh. Martin’s wife the woman who married a cripple a sad thing, truly tragic.


I voted -Poem

I voted,

Pride, warmth, joy,

I did something, the system will work,

My vote will count.

But how does it matter when it does not?

Never give up, there is always next time, right.

From one man to the next,

A endless chain of empty promises,

Divided Senates, and Houses, even when they share the same colors.

Give me power, no I have power, no power for you,

I voted,

And I will vote again, and again, till it actually matters.